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About Us

Jana Dougan, a native Canadian, headed south in 2005, and landed in Lake Tahoe, CA. Eventually relocating to Santa Cruz, CA, Jana found her new home in this eclectic, artsy and free-spirited community where her ever-present creative juices and talent burst to life.

Her early career as a decorative painter had Jana specializing in luxurious plasters and glazes. Inspired by the beauty all around her in this quintessential surf town, Jana turned her creative energy into a unique and distinctive wearable art form. Drawing from natural resources in her surrounding environment, Jana creates one-of-a-kind leather belts and interchangeable buckles. Each belt and buckle is hand-crafted and can be customized to your distinctive taste—including with original artwork or custom photography—ensuring you have a personal and stylish accessory that will last for years.

In her mission to make her art available to the masses, Jana has stayed true to creating pieces that truly reflect each person’s character and serve as the visual embodiment of their personality. “My goal is to create truly special pieces for my customers, which will serve as an extension of them and be as extraordinary as they are,” said Dougan.