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Custom orders that hit you in the heart

Posted by Jana Dougan on

So there's one thing that I do here at Cali Maple Designs, which has turned into the most fulfilling part of the job, and that is the creation of custom belt buckles. I find it so fascinating to see what people ask me to make and the story behind it, because ultimately, they resonate with it so deeply, and it becomes a sacred treasure. There's something to be said about holding this piece at your waistline, aligned with your first and second chakras, creating that rooted connection.

When Stacy asked me to do a buckle for her, I had no idea how much the buckle would actually mean. Her father had been an amazing painter, and passed away recently in the last few years. Her mother was unwilling to part with his artwork, and her brother had his heart set on one painting in particular. Stacy took a photo of this painting and sent it to me, and I produced a beautiful buckle with the image. She surprised her brother with the buckle and a new leather belt for his birthday, and was able to give her brother a gift that was more than just a material object. It was that connection to his father that he so desperately wanted to keep close to him. He now wears it everyday. I love this story.

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